Sidose Ltd is a representative of Fastbind. Компания Сидосе

Профессиональная фурнитура и оборудование для полиграфии, рекламы, упаковки

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  • Профессиональная фурнитура и оборудование для полиграфии, рекламы, упаковки.

    About company

    Sidose Ltd. was established in Saint-Petersburg in 1992 as a representative of the manufacturer of Fastbind perfect binding machines of Maping Co (Finland).

    Sidose's main objectives are: promotion, sales and servicing of finishing equipment Fastbind and materials for printing industry via our distribution network throughout Russia and CIS countries. Today Fastbind is represented in all major cities of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan. Sidose has a developed logistic system, providing fast and reliable delivery of goods to the most distant destinations in Russia and CIS.

    Sidose provides warranty and post-warranty service for all supplied equipment. The stuff of our servicing department attends trainings, both in-house and at the manufacturers' premises.

    The innovative Fastbind FotoMount™ product line now allows printers and photographers to create premium tailor-made PhotoBooks from photographic paper, card, laminated material, copy paper and basically any prints.

    Sidose supplies with various materials and accessories as well: hot melt glue, metal Wire-O and plastic combs, POS-materials, accessories for calendars, laminating films and tape, PP color ropes, decorative metallic corners, binding screws (plastic and metal), ring mechanisms, PP self-adhesive accessories and everything that makes your products valuable and personalized.

    Every year Sidose participates in the most important printing and graphic arts fairs in Russia: PoligraphInter (Moscow), Photo Phorum (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg), regional trade exhibitions in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Rostov-na-Donu and Almaty (Kazakhstan). Sidose office is located in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, cultural capital of Russia and the main city of the Russian Northwest.

    Sidose implements proactive marketing strategies to promote Fastbind at the Russian market. We have more than 8000 regular customers throughout Russia. We keep always our attention of printing and advertizing industries changes and try to propose best solutions for our customers.

    phone/fax: +7 812 325-43-50
    phone of the Service and repairs: +7 812 271-55-32
    post address: 199178 Saint-Petersburg, post box 70

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